Connecting Furniture Wizard to Podium

Installing the Furniture Wizard Integration:

  1. Log on to the server computer. 

  2. Open Furniture Wizard and log in with Admin credentials. Confirm the Branch ID you used to log in as to confirm a test invoice later on. The Main Menu will now open.                                                                                                      2.png
  3. Double click on the Wizard Hat icon. The Setup & Registration window will display.  3.png

  4. Click on Preferences. The Preferences window will display.                                                 4.png
  5. Click on Vendor-Specific Integration                                                              5.png

  6. Click on the Podium tab 

  7. Check the box for Use Podium 

  8. Enter in the API Token (Provided by Podium integrations team)
  9. Click Exit. The Preferences window displays.                                                                         9.png

  10. Click on Branch Edit                                                                                      10.png

  11. Click on the Podium Tab
  12. Use the spinner arrows to select the Showroom. Confirm that the address and ID are correct
  13. Enter in the Podium location ID (Provided by Podium integrations team). 

  14. It will add a % at the end of the ID. REMOVE this as it will  break the integration. 

  15. If there are multiple locations, use the spinner arrows to select the next location(s) and enter the Location ID(s) 

  16. Click Exit to return to the Preferences window. 

  17. Click Exit Now! to return to the Main Menu
  18. Create a test invoice with a customer that has a phone number entered. If the setup is correct (and you created the test invoice under a branch ID that has the Podium integration set up on), a pop up will display asking to Send Podium Request (see image below) FurnitureWizard will cycle through all numbers listed for the customer starting with the Mobile number.

If you have any issues or questions - please contact our support team.                                                     18.png