Setting Up Call Groups and Routing

Customize the way your customers can reach you and your employees by using call groups and call routing.

Call groups are groups of phones that ring together. You can use call groups and routing in Podium Voice to group phones together by team or department (e.g. Front Desk, Sales, Billing) and set up rules for which call group rings first and where to route calls when no one answers in that initial group.

Managing your call groups


You can manage your call groups by logging into Podium and navigating to Settings > Voice > Call Groups. By default, you will have one call group – your Primary call group. This is the group of phones that will ring first when a customer calls your main number.

  1. To add a new call group, click the Create call group button.  gg5.png
  2. Name your call group. You may want to name your group based on the team or department of the phones that will be in the group (e.g. Billing)
  3. Select the phones included in the group.
  4. Optionally, you can give the group a direct extension. This will allow callers (or transfers) to ring the phones in this group directly.
  5. Select a missed call routing rule. Your options are:
    1. My voicemail prompt - if a call goes unanswered by this group, the call will go to your voicemail inbox.
    2. Another call group - if a call goes unanswered by this group (after 4 rings), the call will be forwarded to the specified call group and start ringing on the phones within that group.

Sample call group configuration

Joe’s Auto has a Sales team with desks on the sales floor. They also have a team of Sales Managers with offices near the sales floor. Joe wants the floor Sales team to be the first team calls are routed to, but as a back-up option he wants the Sales Managers to be able to pick up unanswered calls to avoid losing leads. Joe sets up two call groups:

  • Floor Sales (Primary)
    • This group contains the phones of all the Floor Sales representatives
    • This group has a Missed Call Routing rule set to forward calls to the “Sales Managers” group
  • Sales Managers
    • This group contains the phones of all Sales Managers
    • This group has a Missed Call Routing rule set to send missed calls to voicemail