Setting Up Podium Caller ID and Call Actions

Get a heads up about who’s calling using Podium Caller ID.

Podium’s Caller ID feature allows you to get a pop-up of contact information about a customer you’re on the phone with. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. First, make sure you or your Location Administrator has added your Podium phones to your location.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the Phone icon.  gg2.png
  3. You will see a list of phones available in your location. Find your phone on this list and click it. 
    1. Having trouble finding your phone? If you’re not sure what your device name is, you can find it on GXV phones by swiping the touch screen from the top down, tapping the Settings gear icon, and tapping Account Status. On GRP phones, your device name can be found on the home screen of your phone.
    2. Don’t have a phone set up yet? Check out our Getting Started with Voice article for help getting set up.
  4. You should now see a green dot indicator on the Phone icon in your top navigation bar. That means you’ve successfully paired with your phone.
  5. Your device pairing preference will be remembered the next time you log into Podium. If you use a shared computer, you may want to disconnect from the device pairing after your session is complete to avoid confusion. You can disconnect from your paired device by clicking the Phone icon in the top navigation bar, then clicking the triple dot button, then selecting Disconnect.

Inbound calls


After you’ve paired with your phone, you will see a Caller ID pop-up in Podium when you get an inbound call. This pop-up will only appear if you have Podium open on your web browser, so we recommend always having Podium up if you’re expecting to make or receive any calls. If the phone number of the caller is associated to a Podium contact, you’ll see the contact’s name. You’ll also see any Tags associated with the contact and the last 3 interactions you’ve had with the contact in Podium. To view more details about the contact, you can click the Contact button to be brought to the customer’s full Contact Profile.

Tip: You can click and drag this pop-up around your screen to customize your experience.

Active calls

After you’ve accepted the call, your pop-up will change to the Active Call experience. Here, you have access to quick actions like sending a text, adding a Conversation note, or going to the customer’s Contact Profile.