Setting Up After-hours Forwarding

Customize your phone system to handle calls outside of business hours or on holidays.

After-Hours Call Forwarding allows you to configure rules for what happens when one of your customers calls your Podium phone number outside of your configured business hours or on a holiday. This can be a great way to make sure your customers have a frustration-free experience reaching out to you.

  1. Log into Podium and click the Settings button in the top right corner.  gg1.png
  2. Under Organization & Users, click Business Hours.
  3. Make sure your Working Hours are set correctly.
  4. Make sure your Special Hours are set up correctly. These should include any holidays where your business has adjusted hours (or isn’t open).
  5. Under After-hours Response, click the toggle for Call Forwarding.
  6. You can set to forward calls either straight to voicemail or to an external number. When a customer calls you outside of your configured Business Hours or Special Hours, they will be forwarded according to this setting.
  7. Click Save.