Taking Payments in the Podium Mobile App

Let’s walk through how to request a payment or charge a card with the Podium Mobile App. First, make sure you are on version 7.5.84 for the latest payment experience.


  1. Access Payments by tapping the blue + button on the “Customers” tab or w the $ icon in the message composer.


2. Tap the picker at the top of the screen to either “Send request” or “Charge card.” Then, select a contact from the list or tap Add New Contact.

  • Note: “Send request” will text a payable link to the selected contact. “Charge card” enables you to enter card information manually or use your Podium bluetooth card reader device.


3. Enter the amount for the item, then tap Continue to add a description of the payment request. Tap Save when you’re finished.

  • Note: For requests, a description is required. For card charges, a description is optional.


4. From the Invoice screen, you can update any of the following fields before tapping Continue.

  • Add additional items (if you want to breakdown the specific items that make up the total)
  • Enter an invoice number (this can be required or optional based on your payment settings)
    • You can set the invoice number to be visible or hidden from customers in payment settings.
  • Set payment schedule (“One-Time,” “Ongoing,” or “Installments”)
  • For requests: Add due date and indicate available payment methods. You can adjust payment methods in payment settings.
  • Switch to a different type of payment (“Send request” or “Charge card”)


5. Review and edit your request or card charge. Then, tap the button to send the request or charge the card.

  • For requests: You can adjust the location where the request comes from, edit your request message, and choose the bank account where the funds will be deposited.
  • For card charges: You can adjust the location where the card charge comes from, choose the bank account where the funds will be deposited, and indicate whether you are using a card reader or entering the card information manually.
    • Note: If using a card reader, tap Connect a reader then select the card reader you want to use.


Have more questions about payments? Check out our Payments Overview article.