Manually Connecting to a Custom Review Site

You can connect to most review sites, even if they aren’t integrated with Podium. However, while you can send review invitations for these types of sites, you won’t be able to see or respond to reviews in Podium. 

To connect a custom review site, you’ll need to find the URL for the site’s review page, then manually enter it in Podium. Two common custom sites are WebMD and Glassdoor. We’ve included examples of how to find their review page URLs. The process will be similar for most sites. 

Example 1: Finding the Review Page URL for WebMD

  1. Go to
  2. Click Find a doctor.Connectlevel1_1.2.png
  3. Enter the name of the physician who will be reviewed and select them from the list.ConnectLevel1_1.3.png
  4. Click Rate This Doctor.ConnectLevel1_1.4.png
  5. Copy the URL that appears in the browser’s address bar.ConnectLevel1_1.5.png

Example 2: Finding the Review Page URL for Glassdoor

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the name of your company, its city, and state; then click the search icon.ConnectLevel1_2.1.png
  3. Click the Add a Review button next to your company’s name. ConnectLevel1_2.3_-_Newlogo.png
  4. Copy the URL that appears in the browser’s address bar.ConnectLevel1_2.4.png

Connecting to a Custom Site

After you’ve located the review page URL for a review site, you can add the custom review site to your account.

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and select Reviews.Reviews_Menu.png
  2. In Review Site Management, click Add site.Reviews_Setup_Add_Site.png
  3. Click Get Started.Review_Site_Setup_-_1_-_GetStarted.png
  4. Click Custom review site.Review_Setup_-_Custom_Review_Site.png
  5. Enter the name of the review site.Custom_Review_Site_-_Name_Field.png
  6. In Review Page URL, enter the URL for the web page where users can leave a review for your business. (For help, see the examples above.)Custom_Review_Site_-_Review_Field.png
  7. Make sure the Include this site in review invitations checkbox is selected. 
  8. Click Add review site.Custom_Review_Site_-_Add_Button.png
  9. Click Done. You’re now able to send review invitations from this site in Podium.

If you have multiple review sites, you can determine the order in which each site is shown to customers. To see how to change the order of your review sites, see “Prioritizing Review Sites.”