Setting Up a Bank Account

Before You Begin

You can complete the payments account setup more quickly if you take a minute to gather some business and banking details beforehand. Here’s the information that you’ll need. 

Setup Type Info Needed
Account Creator / Account Owner
If you’re the account owner, this will be your personal info; if you’re not the account owner, this will be whoever will own the account, typically a CEO, CFO, or someone with more than 25% ownership.

•  Legal first name
•  Legal last name
•  Job title
•  Home address
•  Phone number
•  Email address
•  Date of birth
•  Last 4 digits of their Social Security Number

Business Details

•  Legal business name
•  Legal business address
•  Business phone number
Business website
•  Industry
•  Business EIN (Tax ID)

Business Bank Account

•  Bank routing number
•  Bank account number
•  Account nickname
•  Podium locations that will connect to the bank account

Linking a Bank Account to Podium

Before you can begin requesting and receiving payments, you’ll need to connect your Podium account to a bank account. 

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and select Payments. SettingB_1.png

  2. Click Payments Accounts > Add a new bank account.SettingB_2.png
  3. Select your Country and Business Type.addingBank1.png
  4. If your business type is Company, select whether you're setting up the account for yourself as a business owner, or for someone else such as an executive; click Save & Continue.addingBank2.png
  5. If you’re the account owner, complete the information for yourself; if someone else will own the account, add the information about the owner, then on the following page, complete the information for yourself; click Save & Continue.
  6. Complete the information about your business; click Save & Continue.addingBank3.png
  7. Complete the information about your bank account.addingBank4.png
  8. Select which locations should be connected to this bank account; click Save & Continue.  
  9. Make sure all the information is correct, and make changes as needed.addingBank5.png
  10. Review the terms and conditions, and select the checkbox to accept them; click Create account.
Attention: If you need to change any setup information, please contact Product Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat.