Creating Common Customer Questions for Your QA Test

Before the QA test with Apple, you’ll need to create a list of common customer questions. This list will be used by Apple to recreate real-world scenarios so you can practice using Apple Messages for Business interactive messages before you use it with customers. Your list of common questions will need to include the customer’s intent and experience, the features used, and expected outcome.

Attention: You’re required to send Apple at least five common customer questions in an Excel spreadsheet before scheduling a QA test.
  • Intent: Briefly explain what the customer wants to accomplish.
  • User Experience: Describe how an agent or customer service rep will respond to the customer’s question.
  • Features Used: A list of interactive messages (e.g., Apple Pay, list picker, time picker, and rich links) that you’ll use when responding to a customer’s question.
  • Expected Outcome: Describe what should happen after the customer interacts with your agent or customer service rep.
Intent User Experience Features Used Expected Outcome
  • Agent introduces themselves.
  • Customer asks about product features, benefits, size, quality, and price.
  • Agent provides info about the product and informs the customer of availability and suggests in-store or online purchase.
Time picker, text Customer successfully makes a purchase.

One of the lines in your Excel spreadsheet might look similar to the example above. If you’re having difficulty creating your own list, review these industry-specific examples:

Next Step: Send an email with your spreadsheet of common questions to and ask to schedule your QA test.