Registering for Messages for Business

Before You Begin

Attention: You must use the Apple ID associated with your business email to register for Apple Messages for Business. If you haven’t already, create one by going to and clicking Create Your Apple ID.

Before you begin the registration process, you’ll want to collect the following information for your business:

  • Apple IDs for any users at your business who need administrative access. These users will have the ability to turn off Messages for Business, and they’ll also be able to add and edit locations.
  • A list of all business locations’ addresses, phone numbers, business hours, and time zones.
  • Both a square and horizontal logo in either PNG or JPEG format that meets the Apple requirements.
  • The colors you want for the message header in Messages for Business and another hex code for the information button (in hex codes).

Registering with Apple

Once you’ve collected the necessary information for your business, you’re ready to register.

To register for Apple Messages for Business:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your business Apple ID.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Click Add service for Business Accounts for Messages.
  5. Click Add service for Brands and then click Add Services Locations.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Next, go to the Register Your Business Chat Account Profile section of the Getting Started with Messages for Business.
  8. Complete the Messages for Business Policy Acceptance steps.
  9. Complete the Account Applicant Information steps, and set your account type to Commercial.
  10. Complete the Brand Information Card steps.
  11. Complete the Logo Design steps by referring to Apple logo requirements.
  12. Complete the Messaging Platform Configuration steps.
  13. Once you have correctly provided all the required information, submit your registration for approval.

Next Step: Apple will review your registration which may take two to three business days. If it’s approved, you’ll receive two emails with next steps. After reviewing the emails, read Preparing for Your Brand Experience QA Test.

Common Registration Issues

During the registration process, you may see error messages for issues that prevent your application from being accepted. These are the most common reasons applications are rejected:

  • The Apple ID you used to register isn’t your business email address.
  • The logo provided doesn’t meet Apple requirements.
  • The logo provided isn’t visible in dark mode.
  • The provided logo and background colors don’t have sufficient contrast ratios.
  • Your business sells restricted products.
  • The provided website link isn’t a live working link.
Attention: If you’re still having difficulties completing and submitting your registration, contact Product Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat.