Installing Webchat on GoDaddy

Sign into your Podium account, visit the Webchat settings page, and open one of your widgets or select “Add to new website” to begin the installation process of Webchat. Please copy the code for your Webchat widget to your clipboard that is available inside these install steps, and then paste it into the HTML portion of

Before installing Webchat on GoDaddy, you’ll need to insert your token into the respective code snippet. Then, you’ll use this code snippet to install the Webchat code in your GoDaddy website manager. The script contains ORG_TOKEN in the src attribute. Please check your script to ensure you are using the correct custom code snippet.  

Example ORG_TOKEN script:

<script defer src="" id="podium-widget" data-organization-api-token="6b57c0b9-46db-4649-8997-94997d93a097"></script>


ORG_TOKEN custom code snippet:

  function insertJS() {
    // eslint-disable-next-line
    var body = window.parent.document.body;
    var jsScriptNode = document.createElement('script');
    jsScriptNode.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
    jsScriptNode.setAttribute('src', '');
    jsScriptNode.setAttribute('id', 'podium-widget');
    jsScriptNode.setAttribute('data-organization-api-token', 'YOURTOKEN');
var start =;
var interval = 9;
function main() {
   var body = document.body;
   if (body) {
   } else if ( - start > 10000) {
     return null;
   } else {
     setTimeout(function () {
   }, interval);
     interval *= 2;
  // console.log(window.parent)


Installing Your Webchat Code To Your Website:

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy administration account.
  2. Select your website.GoDaddy-1.png
  3. Click Edit Website.GoDaddy-2.png
  4. At the bottom of your Home page, click Add Section.
  5. Select HTML and click Add.
  6. In custom code, paste the Webchat code.
  7. Set forced height to 1 pixels.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Click Publish.
Attention: If you need additional help, visit the GoDaddy help center or contact Podium Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat.