Opening a Conversation in a Third-Party Application

There’s a good chance that your team uses several types of software to manage potential customers like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. You can improve the efficiency of your sales force by giving them access to Podium conversations directly from a third-party application. Your sales force can either access existing conversation or create new ones.

Attention: Your sales force will need to be signed in to Podium before they’ll be able to open a conversation from a third-party application.

URL Path Parameters

You’ll need to create a URL in order to open a conversation in a third-party application. To create it correctly, you’ll need to verify that the application is able to pass the required parameters into a URL format.

Name Parameter Description
Phone Number* phone-number Textable number that will receive messages from Podium.
Contact Name name The name of the potential customer you’re trying to contact. This will be the name of the contact if one doesn’t already exist.
Location ID** locationUid The ID of the location you’ll be sending the conversation from.

*Required field

**Required if users have access to more than one location or a contact exists in more than one location.

Creating a Conversation Link

Once you’ve verified your application can dynamically pass the necessary parameters, you’re ready to create the conversation link or URL.

To create a conversation link:

  1. Sign in to your third-party application as an administrator.
  2. Start by adding the base URL:
  3. Then add the path parameter phone-number/ and the phone number for a contact.
  4. Add ?name= and the name value.
  5. Add &locationUid= and the location ID.