Setting Up Auto-Routing

Enabling Auto-Routing for an Inbox

Podium can automatically forward incoming messages to pre-built team inboxes by looking for specific keywords. For example, messages that ask for pricing or payment options can be forwarded to a Sales team inbox. To learn more about the different types of inbound conversations, read “Types of Messages.”

To enable auto-routing for an inbox:

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click + to the right of your inboxes.autoR_1.png

Managing Team Inboxes

Once auto-routing is enabled, all locations of an organization will have the same team inboxes-—up to five inboxes at any given time. Account owners can create new inboxes, edit the names of default inboxes, and add team members.

To create an inbox:

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click the + icon.autoR_1.png

  3. Name the inbox.AutoR_1.5.png

  4. Click Save Inbox.AutoR_1.6.png

To edit an inbox’s name:

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click More options, and select Inbox Settings.AutoR_2.png

  3. Change the inbox name, and click Save Inbox.AutoR_3_copy.png

Editing Automated Inbox Rules

Automated inbox rules are used to categorize the keywords of each new inbound conversation, and then route that conversation to the correct team inbox. An inbox can have multiple rules and thus have multiple types of conversations being routed to any given inbox. Inbox rules are industry-specific and can’t be created from scratch, but account owners can reassign rules to different inboxes.

To edit automated inbox rules:

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click More options, and select Inbox Settings.AutoR_2.png

  3. Click Edit in settings.AutoR_3.png

  4. On the Automated Inboxes page, use the drop-down to assign each inbox rule to an inbox.AutoR_4.png

Attention: New conversations will be routed to an inbox automatically, but you can move messages from one inbox to another. To learn how to move conversations, read “Move a conversation.”

Moving a Conversation

Only new inbound conversations are automatically routed to inboxes. If a customer responds to an existing conversation, the message will not be automatically moved to another inbox. If a customer issue needs to be resolved by another team, the conversation can be moved into a different inbox.

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Click More options.AutoR_5.png

  3. Click Move to.AutoR_6.png

  4. Select an inbox, and click Move Conversation.AutoR_7.png

Attention: You can also move a conversation by dragging and dropping it into a different inbox.