Connecting Review Sites

Customer opinions will always appear online in the form of reviews–so might as well make it easier to manage. In Podium, you can centralize all your customer reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, DealerRater, Healthgrades, and much more into one place.

By connecting review sites to Podium, you’ll find that it’s much more efficient to collect and request reviews. You can include your sites in review invites, and any reviews you receive will feed right into Podium. You can then dig into your online reputation by filtering reviews by location, date, ratings, and more. (For instructions, see “Connecting to an Integrated Review Site.”)

Integrated Review Sites
Angie's List Facebook
Avvo G2 Crowd
Best Company Google
Better Business Bureau Healthgrades HomeAdvisor
CarGurus Merchant Circle
Carfax ProductReview Solar Reviews
Citysearch TripAdvisor
Consumer Affairs Vitals
DealerRater Yellow Pages
Edmunds Zillow

Integrations with Facebook & Google

Facebook and Google have a few additional benefits that other review sites don’t have: 

  • Respond directly to reviews: Using the Reviews tab or inbox, you can reply to your customers' reviews on an individual, personalized basis. This means you don’t have to take those extra steps to sign in to your Facebook or Google admin accounts to respond to them.
  • Quick review submission: Customer reviews typically appear within minutes rather than hours after a customer leaves a review.

For instructions on setting up these sites, see “Connecting to Facebook Reviews” and “Connecting to Google Reviews.”

Custom or Non-Integrated Review Sites

If you have a review site you’d like to connect to that isn’t in our integrated review sites list, you can add it manually. Be aware that while you can send review invitations for these types of sites, you won’t be able to directly respond to those reviews. (For instructions, see “Connecting a Custom Review Site.”)

Attention: There are some review sites that don't allow connections to third-party software, such as Trustpilot and Yelp, so Podium won't be able to connect to them.