Sending a Review Reminder

Sending review invitations makes it easier for your customers to rate your business, helping you get found online more easily and improving the quantity and quality of your reviews on popular review websites. To learn how you to send review invitations, see "Sending a Review Invite."

If you’d like to customize the default review invitation, see “Editing the Review Invitation Template.”

Sending Review Invitation Reminders

Podium limits how often you can generate a review invitation link for a specific contact—every 60 days. Mobile carriers will treat messages with the exact same text as spam and may begin blocking your messages. Instead you should write a new message each time you send a customer a review invitation reminder.

To send a review invitation reminder:

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Find the conversation that needs a reminder.
  3. Select the Review Invitation Reminder Template
  4. Click Send & CloseXnip2021-10-14_21-09-46.jpg