Responding to Surveys

You can view all customer survey and your NPS® score for the last 12 months on the Surveys tab. You can also see specific customer survey responses. You can set up templates to automatically respond to customers who send you surveys (see “Sending Survey Invitations”). However, for detractors, or dissatisfied customers, you’ll probably want to address their issues personally.

Best Practice: You might want to set up your notifications so you’ll be alerted when your business receives specific survey scores, especially from detractors. To see how to change your notifications, read “Managing Your Notifications.”
    1. Go to Surveys. At the top of the page you’ll see the percentage of detractors, passives, and promoters.Responding_to_Surveys_1.png
    2. If necessary, you can filter surveys by keyword, location, date, score, or tagged employee.Responding_to_Surveys_2.png
    4. Go to a specific message and click View in Inbox.Responding_to_Surveys_3.png
    5. Write a personal message, and click Send & Close.Responding_to_Surveys_4.png