Setting Up an Opt-In Form

You can use opt-in forms to easily gather a list of subscribers for future campaign messages. Once you've set up an opt-in form, it can be shared in emails, social media posts, in-store kiosks, etc., letting you quickly build your subscriber lists and maximize the reach of each campaign.

To set up an opt-in form:

  1. Click Campaigns, then click Opt-in Forms
  2. You can create one opt-in form for each of your locations. Click the location title. 
  3. By default, the opt-in form is automatically assigned a URL based on the location name. This is the URL your customers will use to access the form. If you would prefer a different URL, you can choose to edit the last part of the URL to something your customers can easily associate with your business. 
  4. To add your logo to the form, click Edit image.
  5. Change the page color by selecting a color from the color selector or entering a hex code. 
  6. A default title and subtitle is already provided, but you have the option of creating your own. 
  7. You can use the default confirmation message title and subtitle, or you can write your own title and message that lets your customers know they've successfully joined your subscriber list. 
  8. To save your progress and finish later, click Save.
  9. If you're finished editing, activate the opt-in form. 
  10. Share the form with your customers by including the URL online in social media posts or emails, or in person by having the form open on an in-store tablet or other device.