Editing or Deleting Surveys

Occasionally you may need to change a survey score. For example, if a customer replies with a score of 10, but accidentally puts a space between the two numbers, the score will be recorded as a “1.” You can also delete survey responses that don’t include scores or relevant info.

To edit a survey score:

  1. Go to Surveys (under Marketing).
  2. Click the More options menu and select Edit Score.Editing_or_Deleting_Surveys_1.png
  3. Enter a score from 0 to 10 and click Save Score.Editing_or_Deleting_Surveys_2.png 

To delete a survey:

  1. Go to Surveys.
  2. Click the More options menu and select Delete.Editing_or_Deleting_Surveys_3.png
  3. Click Yes, Delete to permanently delete the survey score and comments.Editing_or_Deleting_Surveys_4.png