Creating Custom Contact Fields


Custom fields contain customer and business information that can be saved and stored directly to contact profiles in Podium. Unlike the standard fields that appear for each contact automatically, like Name, Email, and Phone, custom fields are created by you and your team.  Some examples could include “Car Model”, “Birthday”, “Instagram Handle,” and anything else that you’d find helpful to know and save about your customers. Once created, you’ll see them appear on all your contacts’ profiles.

Custom fields are an effective way to customize your CRM, track customer behavior, and store the information that matters most for each customer.  They’re fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your customers and business operations, and they help teams better engage and build relationships with customers.

This post covers the following topics:

  • Adding custom fields
  • Editing and deleting custom fields

Adding custom fields

When you create a new one, you’ll see it automatically appear on each profile. The field itself won’t be filled in, so you and your team can add the individual’s information when you want. For example, if you create a custom field for Birthday, then you’ll see the field Birthday appear for all contacts; for each contact, the Birthday field will appear empty until someone adds the date for that contact. 

Note: Only account admins can create custom fields. 

When making a custom field, you’ll need to choose what type of field it is from the following list:

  • Single select dropdown: Select only one option from a list.
  • Multi-select dropdown: Select multiple options from a list.
  • Text: Add customized text in a text box.
  • Checkbox: Check and uncheck a customized statement. 
  • Number: Enter a decimal number, percentage, or integer number.
  • Date: Enter a date and/or time stamp.
  • Link: Add a website or hyperlink.


Admins are the only users who can create new custom fields. These are defined in settings and then appear as additional fields in the contact profile, which can be filled out by any Podium user.

Creating a new custom field

  1. Go to the Contacts page, and click Contact Settings on the contacts page, and make sure you’re on the Custom Fields settings page (it’s under the Contacts section).
  2. Click Create custom field, in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Add a Name for your field. The name is the label that will appear in each contact profile, like Birthday  or Car Model.
  4. Optionally, you can provide a Description to provide context to the field you’re adding. It can help you and your team fill out information within a profile, so everyone understands the context of what the field is asking to fill in. If added, a description will appear (on hover) in an information icon next to the field name.
  5. Select a Type
  6. Enter your Options for your field, if relevant. The type of options will vary based on the type you chose. Ex. If you chose Date/Time, you don’t need to add opinions because team members will be able to input the appropriate date/time to each individual contact. But if you chose Single-Select dropdown, then you’ll want to add options for team members to select from for each contact.  The field options that you create will be filterable in the near future.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Visit any contact profile to view your new Custom Field. Screen_Shot_2023-01-06_at_1.17.32_PM.png

Editing and deleting custom fields

Account admins can edit custom fields in Contact Settings. Also, if a custom field has been created already, it can’t be changed to a different field type. If you want to change the type, we recommend deleting the field and creating a new one with your desired type.

  1. Go to the Contacts page, and click Contact Settings on the contacts page, and make sure you’re on the Custom Fields settings page (it’s under the Contacts section).
  2. Click on an existing Custom Field under “All Fields” on the left hand side of the page.Screen_Shot_2023-01-06_at_7.26.50_PM.png
  3. Click Edit Field in the bottom right hand corner.
  4. Make your edits, then click Save.

You can also delete custom fields, but keep in mind that when you delete a custom field, you also delete all data that has been stored in that custom field across all contacts. Deleting a custom field can’t be undone.