Taxes & Service Charges

Automate Sales Tax and Service Charges

Sales Tax Disclaimer

Tax rates vary based on a variety of factors, including the locations of you and your customer, products or services offered, entity type, and others. You should consult your tax advisor or accountant before enabling and using this feature, as you are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the tax rates that you specify.

Surcharging Notice:

This feature may not be used to apply a credit card surcharge unless you comply with applicable laws and all card network requirements. Additionally, surcharging is not permitted on debit or prepaid cards or Buy Now Pay Later transactions.

If you wish to apply a credit card surcharge, you will first need to determine if local and applicable laws permit you to do so. You will also need to notify the card networks as well as follow their surcharging rules.

Learn more about notifying Visa and Mastercard of your surcharging plans.

How to Get Started

Create a New Tax/Service Charge In Settings

  1. Navigate to Payment Settings.                                                                                        Photo_1.png
  2. Under Taxes and Service Charges, select Add Tax or service charge to an invoice
  3. Enter the Name of your Tax or Service Charge Ex:  California State Tax (your customers will see this name).
  4. Enter Rate (this can be a percentage or flat rate).                                                                            Photo_2.png
  5. If you have multiple locations, select which locations to which you would like this tax to apply.    Photo_5.png
  6. Select whether this is a Tax or Service Charge.                                                                                  Photo_3.png
  7. Click Create.
  8. The Tax/Service charge will be automatically toggled on and applied to all transactions.


Where can I view my Taxes/Service Charges?

You will be able to see any Taxes or Services Charges that you created under Payment Settings.  Here, you can toggle the Tax or Service Charges on or off, edit, or delete them.                                                Photo_4.png

How can I edit/delete my Taxes/Service Charges?

  1. Click on the Tax or Service Charge you would like to edit or delete.
  2. From here, you can either edit and save changes or delete the service charge permanently.  You will still see historical reporting on this tax or service charge.                                                          Photo_5.png

How will Taxes/Service Charges be applied?

Taxes or Service charges will be applied to every invoice by default.  You can also manually remove them from a specific invoice when creating the invoice by hovering over the tax and fee you would like to remove and pressing the X.  At this time, this will remove the tax/service charge from the invoice and in order to add it back you will have to create a new invoice.                                                        Photo_6.png

Where can I view reporting on Taxes and Service Charges?

On an Individual Transaction

  1. Navigate to an individual transaction and open Payment Details.
  2. Expand the Payment Details to see line items for Taxes and/or Service Charges.                            Photo_7.png

In Reporting

  1. Under the Payments tab, navigate to Payment Activity.
  2. Select Export Report
  3. Select the criteria of the report you would like to export and select Export CSV.
  4. Within the CSV there will be 3 columns specific to Taxes/Service Charges:  one for Taxes applied, one for Service charges applied, and one for the subtotal before taxes and service charges were applied.                                                                                                                        Photo_8.png