Text-to-Pay Messages Failing to Deliver

Rarely, your customer may have trouble receiving a text from your business to review their Text-to-Pay invoice.  If this happens, we have put together FAQs to help.

Q: Can I still accept a payment from this customer using Podium?

A: Yes!  Podium offers many options to collect payments from your customers, both while they are present, or not present. Here are two alternatives to consider if your customer is having trouble receiving your text-to-pay invoice.

Q: Why is my Text-to-Pay invoice failing to deliver to my customer?

A: In the rare instance a message fails to deliver, we recommend working directly with the customer to ensure:

  • Their phone number is correct.
  • They are able to receive messages from other businesses or people.
  • They do not have a filter in place that restricts unknown numbers.

If you have verified these may not be the reason text messages are failing, we recommend reaching out to Podium Support to further investigate what may be causing the delivery failure.

If you have any other questions please contact Podium Support at support@podium.com