Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with Affirm

Easily offer your customers affordable payment options


How to Get Started

Turn on BNPL Buy Now Pay Later / Affirm at Checkout in Default Settings

  1. Open Payment Settings
  2. Under Default Payment Methods, toggle on Affirm: Pay Over Time button
    Note:  This toggle determines the default settings on each transaction.  If you don't want BNPL to be available by default on every transaction, should be toggled 'off' (can still be turned on at the transaction level).                                                                                                              2.png

Enable Affirm as a Payment Method on the Payment Request

  1. On Invoice Creation page, select More OptionsAccepted Payments
  2. Toggle on Affirm: Pay Over Time button                                                                                          2a.png

How can my customers pay with Affirm?

  1. Select ‘Affirm: Pay Over Time’ on invoice
  2. Launch Affirm checkout flow (i.e., create Affirm account, input necessary info, complete payment)
  3. Once complete, will end on successful payment page; will send a receipt (following normal process)                                                                                                                                                3.png

Where can I view reporting on my Affirm payments in Podium?

On an Individual Transaction

    1. Open up Payment Details
    2. Under ‘Payment Method’                                                                                                        4.png

In Reporting

  1. Go to Payment Activity page
  2. Select ‘Export Report’
  3. Affirm will appear as a Payment Method 


Refunding Payments Made with Affirm

  1. Under Payment Details
  2. Select ‘Refund’
  3. Fill in reason for refund and select ‘Send Refund’
    [same process as refunding other Podium payments]



Frequently Asked Questions

“Buy Now Pay Later” Overview

  • What is “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL)?
      • “Buy Now Pay Later” is a popular checkout option that offers customers flexible financing options for purchases and services. Rather than paying a lump sum payment at the time of purchase, customers may prefer to divide the total into multiple payments. 
      • Podium is now offering the ability to include a Buy Now Pay Later payment option during the checkout process (powered by Affirm). When a customer makes a purchase via text-to-pay, they can select BNPL to spread out their payments over time.
  • Why is this beneficial for me as a merchant?
      • Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are replacing traditional credit solutions in many instances. Many online merchants are already offering these Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions and seeing great success. 
      • Offering these solutions will make your business more competitive and allow you to capture more revenue from customers who may not have been willing or able to pay otherwise.
      • Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions are also incredibly transparent and easy to use for both you and your customers. Once the customer pays using Affirm via the Podium platform, you will get paid fully in the same way you were using Podium text-to-pay, and their repayment plan will be managed entirely through their Affirm account. 
  • Why is this beneficial for my customers?
    • Affirm’s eligibility check will not impact consumers’ credit scores. It is a ‘soft’ credit check
    • Affirm often offers payment plans with interest as low as 0%, with no late fees when you miss a payment. 
    • Based on Affirm’s criteria, they will typically approve payment plans for customers with a FICO credit score of 550 or above.

Implementing “Buy Now Pay Later”

  • On what transactions can I offer Affirm as a payment method via Podium?
      • Text-to-pay transactions [not yet available on requests sent from the Podium mobile app]
      • Transaction amounts totaling $50 or more or $30,000 or less
      • One-time payments (i.e., not on recurring invoices)
  • How long does it take for someone to get approved?
      • Most applications are approved in 5 minutes or less.
  • When do I get the payout? Do I get paid in full?
      • You are paid fully and immediately upon purchase, and are paid out in the same way as any other purchase made through Podium Payments (i.e., within 1 day)
  • Once this feature is implemented, do I have to offer it to all customers and for every transaction?
      • No, it will be a feature that can be toggled ‘on’ and ‘off’ for every payment request in the transaction settings. You can determine the default ‘on’ and ‘off’ setting the general Payment Settings, just like with other payment methods.
  • What are the associated fees when processing transactions through Affirm?
      • 6% + $0.30 per transaction 
  • What happens if a consumer isn’t approved for a loan / plan? Will I be notified?
      • When a customer applies and does not qualify for any payment plan at all, they will be quickly and discretely informed via the app process and then directed back to the invoice page, where they can select a different payment method. 
      • As a merchant, you will receive an email notification along with an update in the conversation thread with the customer indicating they are not eligible for BNPL.
  • If I am enrolled in Premium Fraud Protection, are Affirm transactions still covered?
      • No, transactions completed through Affirm are not covered by Premium Fraud Protection. Affirm assumes the risk of all transactions completed through their system.  Podium may contact you on behalf of Affirm and request to stop or pause shipment before any losses are incurred. It’s important to comply promptly with these requests.


  • How are Affirm transactions accounted for in my Podium Payments reporting? 
      • In the Podium portal, the transaction will be marked as ‘Paid’; and when the report is downloaded or when the Payment Details page is up, there will be an indication that it was a transaction completed through Affirm.
  • How can I process refunds of transactions done through Affirm?
      • Refunds can be processed in the same way they are processed currently in Podium, but must be completed within 120 days of the transaction.
  • What happens after the transaction is completed?
      • Customer will receive confirmation from Affirm as well as a receipt from the merchant.
  • How does this work with automations / integrations?
      • Currently, Affirm transactions will trigger automations in the same way any credit card transactions do. 
  • If a consumer doesn’t repay their loan, does that impact me? 
      • No; Affirm assumes all the risks once the transaction is complete
  • If I have problems/questions using Affirm, who do I contact?
    • You can contact Podium Support with questions


Eligibility for BNPL

  • What types of businesses are eligible to use BNPL?
    • All business that are eligible for Podium Payments, except the following business types: 
      • Auto and Truck Dealers
      • Boat, Motorhome, Snowmobile Dealers
      • Most Healthcare (e.g., Doctors, Hospitals, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Medical Equipment & Supplies, etc.)
      • Dental (e.g., Dentists, Orthodontists, etc.)
      • Professional and Business Services (e.g., Accounting, Legal, Insurance, Consulting, Advertising, etc.)
      • Special Trade & General Contractors
      • Architectural, Engineering, & Surveying Services
      • Utilities (e.g., Electric, Gas, Sanitary, etc.)
      • Educational Services (e.g., Schools, Trade, & Vocational)
      • Pawn Shops
      • Package Stores - Beer, Wine, Liquor
  • For other questions about eligibility or restricted Affirm use cases, see