Submitting a Review From a Review Invite

When you send a review invite by text, you’re meeting your customers where it’s most convenient for them – on their phone. To understand what your customers will see when you send a review invite, try sending one to yourself and follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that you’ll see your preferred review site first, but your customers can still choose to submit their review on a different site. 


To submit a review from your review invite:

  1. When a review invite is sent, the recipient will receive a text message with a link to leave their review. Click the link in the text message.                    IMG_3056.PNG
  2. When a review invite is opened, your preferred review site will be the first site that your customer will see to continue submitting their review. If they want to try a different review site, they would click Select a different site. In this example, the preferred review site is Google, which is Podium’s recommendation as well. To continue submitting a review, click Continue with Google.                                                                   open_review_invite.png
    • If they click Select a different site, they’d see a list of your connected review sites to choose from.                                                                                 select_a_different_site.png
    • If you only have one review site connected, their other option would be to click Text your feedback instead, which would open their native messaging app to text your Podium number.                                                                                                                                                   only_one_site_connected.png
  3. Once they’ve completed their review on the third-party site, they’ll be brought to a thank-you screen where they can subscribe to your marketing texts (i.e. your Podium Campaigns). To subscribe, they can click Sign up for text promos, and then they’ll be added to your marketing list in Campaigns.                                                           review_submitted.png.       signed_up_for_text_promos.png
  4. After the review is submitted, you’ll see it appear in your feed in Reviews under the Marketing tab.