Adding PestPac to Podium

To add the PestPac App to your Podium Account

  1. Login to your Podium account and click on the +Apps                                     1.png
  2. From here you can select a location to set up an app for.                                                                  2.png
  3. Select the PestPac App from the Marketplace to begin the install process.                                3.png
  4. After you click connect you can confirm the location you’d like to connect. You can then continue the install process.                                                                                                              4.png
  5. From here you’ll be able to grant the app access to your Podium data, enter required credentials, and enable additional functionality where applicable.                                                                5.png
  6. To obtain PestPac credentials to enter, you will need to contact PestPac support with a request to access your account’s API. PestPac fees may apply.
  7. After you hit Next, you will then be asked which Branch(es) your location is associated with.      7.png
  8. After you hit Next, you will then be asked if you need to split your Branch(es) further using Service ZIP Codes.                                                                                                                      8.png
  9. You will then be prompted to Add Automations.                                                                        9.png
  10. From the Add Automations page, you can access our automation library where you can enable automated text messages triggered by the app.                                                                            10.png
  11. When you select an automation from our automation library you’ll be prompted to review the automation details. Click Continue to enable the automation.                                                        11.png
  12. To enable the automation, select Activate.                                                                                        12.png