Scheduled Automations Troubleshooting Instructions


  1. Login into and then click on "Automations".Step_1.png
  2. Click on "Monitoring"Step_2.png
  3. Open the “All Statuses” menu and select “Scheduled.”Step_3.png
  4. Open the “Month to Date” menu and select “Custom.” Select the date range August 25, 2022 to August 28, 2022 and click “Apply.”Step_4.png
  5. You’ll now see a list of messages which were affected by the outage. The list will show you the contact name and the name of the automation which was meant to run.Step_5.png
  6. By default, you will see information about automations for the location you have logged into. If you would like to see information about all automations in your organization if you have more than one location, click on the location selection menu and choose “All Locations.”Step_6.1.pngStep_6.2.png
  7. To see details of the automation such as the message template, click on “Manage.”Step_7.png
  8. You will see a list of your automations. Click on the three dots next to the automation name you saw in step 5.Step_8.png
  9. You will now see a summary of the automation settings. Here, you will see what will trigger the automation and when the message should have been scheduled to send. In this example, a message should be sent 24 hours after an invoice has been created.Step_9.png
  10. To see the message which would have been sent, scroll down until you see “Template.” Click edit to view the message.Step_10.png
  11. In most cases, you can manually resend the message to contacts of your choice by returning to your Inbox, searching for the contact, and composing a message. You can use the smart buttons in the message composer to insert a review or payment request link.Step_11.png