Creating a Textable Keyword

Keywords enable anyone to sign up for your marketing list by just texting one word to your Podium number. Keywords are easily customizable and a great way to organize your marketing list into interest groups. They're one of several sign-up tools that are built into Podium's marketing capabilities that complement Campaigns. The more people who sign up to your marketing list, the more people who can receive your marketing texts.

Once someone texts the keyword, they'll be tagged in Campaigns with that word – so when you want to send a campaign to those specific people who signed up through that keyword, they're already tagged for easy targeting. There's no limit to how many keywords you can create for your business, and one keyword can connect to multiple business locations. (Sign-Up Pages, on the other hand, connect to one specific location.)

Creating a New Keyword

  1. Go to Campaigns under the Marketing tab in the top menu.
  2. Select Sign-Up Tools in the left sidebar.
  3. Select Manage next to Keywords in the list of Sign-Up Tools. Depending on how many you've already created, Keywords may be listed under Manage your active tools or Get more out of Campaigns. Screen_Shot_2022-07-22_at_3.10.14_PM.png
  4. From there, you'll see a list of active keywords for your business. If a keyword is active, that means anyone can text that word to your Podium number and sign up for your marketing list. To create a new keyword, select Create keyword.Screen_Shot_2022-07-22_at_3.10.46_PM.png
  5. Before sharing any keywords, make sure to copy and paste the compliance text to share alongside your keyword. It's important to collect clear consent from anyone who signs up for your marketing list, so they understand they're subscribing to receive marketing texts, or Podium Campaigns, from your business. The compliance text is available to copy/paste as you're creating the keyword or when you select Edit on an existing keyword.  Screen_Shot_2022-07-25_at_10.34.37_AM.png