Uploading Contacts to Your Campaign Audience

When selecting an audience for a campaign, you’ll be able to filter any existing contacts on your marketing list or upload a file of contacts who have already provided prior expressed written  consent to receive marketing texts from your business. If you've already tried uploading your contacts and experiencing some trouble, check out Troubleshooting: Uploading Your Contacts.


There are two methods of uploading contacts into Podium, and both will be covered in this article: 

  • Uploading a CSV file 
  • Copying and pasting from an external spreadsheet or CSV file


Uploading Contacts in Campaigns

  1. If you’re not already in the audience section of the campaign form, click Campaigns in the top menu, then Create campaign on the Campaigns home page.1._go_to_campaigns.png1._create_campaign.png
  2. Once you have the campaign form open, click Get started next to the audience section.2._get_started.png
  3. Click Upload list. 3._upload_list.png
  4. Choose how you’d like to upload your contacts: 
    • OPTION 1: Upload spreadsheet:
      • Before uploading, make sure your spreadsheet is downloaded or exported as a CSV file, and that the first row of your spreadsheet contains the headers, or labels, of the contact information included (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, etc.).
      • When you have your CSV file ready, click Choose file and select your file from your computer. Podium can only support files up to 100,000 rows or less than 5MB. Once it’s loaded, you’ll automatically be redirected to a preview of the contact information you’re uploading. If you’re having trouble uploading, learn more about troubleshooting your upload. 4._upload_spreadsheet.png
    • OPTION 2: Copy & paste spreadsheet:
      • Copy the rows and columns you’d like to upload from your spreadsheet file and paste it into the text box.  Once it’s loaded, you’ll automatically be redirected to a preview of the contact information you’re uploading. 4._copy_and_paste.png
  5. Make sure each column label matches the information provided. Available labels include First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Location Phone Number, Tags, and Custom Field. Some labels may be already added, but if they’re incorrect, you can click the label and select a new one from the dropdown. Any column that is left unlabeled will be automatically excluded from this upload. (To learn more about custom fields in campaigns, see Creating Custom Fields via CSV Upload.) 5._preview.png
  6. To select a label for an unlabeled column, click Select Label and select the accurate label in the dropdown that reflects the information provided in that column. If you don’t want to include this column in your upload, you can select Exclude column6._select_label.png6._labels.png6._exclude_labels.png
  7. Once you’re finished previewing and editing your column information, click Continue.7._continue.png
  8. If your business has multiple locations, you’ll be asked to connect one location to these contacts. The location you select will apply to all contacts in your upload. If your business has only one location, continue to step #9. 8._select_location.png
  9. Then, you’ll be asked to verify the marketing status of your uploaded contacts. In order to receive a campaign from your business, a contact must have provided you with expressed written consent to receive marketing messages. If they haven’t, you cannot continue with this upload or send a campaign to those contacts. If you have already received expressed written consent, select Subscribed and check off that you’ve read and understand the terms and conditions. When you’re ready click, Continue.9._subscribed.png9._continue.png
  10. Review the summary of your upload. To make changes, click the pencil icon to the specific section you want to edit. If everything is accurate, click Add contacts. 10._add_contacts.png
  11. As your contacts upload,  you can add custom tags to this list. Tags are optional, so if you’d like to skip adding any, click Skip. To search existing or create new tags, type the custom tag directly in the text box. You can add as many as you like. When you’re done, click Add tags to continue.11._add_tags.png11._second_image.png
  12. You’ll be asked if you want to skip any contacts that might have a higher risk of unsubscribing from this campaign, including anyone who’s had an active conversation in the last 24 hours or received a campaign in the past 5 days. To skip those contacts, leave the boxes checked. To send to those contacts, uncheck those boxes. Then, click Continue.12._skip_settings.png
  13. The file will continue loading until it’s fully processed and ready for your campaign. Once it’s 100% uploaded, you’ll see your total audience count in the audience section of the campaign form.  13._successful_upload.png