Configuring Your End-of-Call Experience

Prompting Customers to Text & Voicemail

On the Messaging Services page, you can choose how customers will be prompted to send a text or leave a voicemail.

To choose your voicemail settings:

  1. Click the Voicemail + Prompt to text option or Voicemail only, depending on your preference. 1.png
  2. Select either the default message or customer message.  2.png
  3. If using a customer message, click Choose an audio file.  Audio files can be in WAV or MP3 format, and should generally be less than 10 seconds long.

    Attention: When creating custom recording for the Voicemail + Prompt to text option, it's important to note that a shorter default message will still ask your customers if they'd rather receive a text than leave a voicemail. This shorter default message will play directly after your custom recording.  3.png
  4. Preview your recording by clicking on the play icon.  4.png
  5. If you've chosen to also include a prompt to text, create a message in the auto-response field.  5.png
  6. Click Save. 6.png