Migrating over to the new ServiceTitan integration

How to add the ServiceTitan App to your Podium Account:


  1. Login to your Podium account and click on the +Apps icon.w1.png
  2. From here you can select a location to set up an app for.  w2.png
  3. Select the ServiceTitan App from the Marketplace to begin the install process.  w3.png
  4. After you click connect you can confirm the location you'd like to connect.  You can then continue the install process.w4.png
  5. From here you'll be able to grant the app access to your Podium data, enter required credentials, and enable additional functionality where applicable.w5.png
  6. To find the ServiceTitan credentials to enter, you will log in to your ServiceTitan account and go to Settings> Integrations> API Application Access.  You will see your Tenant ID in the top right.  w6.png
  7. You will then select the Connect New App button and select the Podium app for your account.  (If unavailable please contact bd_managers@podium.com for further assistance.)w7.png
  8. You will then be prompted to allow access for Podium to pass data to and from your ServiceTitan account.  Select Allow Accessw8.png
  9. You will then be directed to the page that has your Client Secret and Client ID.  You will need to select the Generate button to copy your Client Secret.  w9.png
  10. Once you have your Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret, you will paste those values into the authorization screen.  Then select Createw10.png
  11. If you have Podium Payments you can select Payment Writeback.  If you check the box for Payment Writeback, you will need to select the Payment Type corresponding in the ServiceTitan account.  If you have questions on setting this up, please contact bd_managers@podium.com.  Lead and Conversation Writeback are included as well.  You can only have Conversation Writeback if you have Lead Writeback enabled.w11.png
  12. If you are using multiple locations in your ServiceTitan account, then you will check the box for multi-location support.  you will then have the option to select Zip Codes and/or Business Units to filter the data from ServiceTitan to Podium.  If you only have one location in ServiceTitan then you can select Finish on this page without checking any boxes.w12.png
  13. You will then be prompted to Add Automations. w13.png
  14. From the Add Automations page, you can access our automation library where you can enable automated text messages triggered by the app.  These automations will mirror the functionality to your previous integration and your previous automations will be disabled with the migration.  w14.png
  15. When you select an automation from our automation library you'll be prompted to review the automation details.  Click Activate to enable the automation.  w15.png