Sending a review invite

Review invitations contain a link that directs your contacts to submit a review through any of your connected review sites. The review invites are texted through Podium, which makes it simple for your customers to write their review when it’s convenient for them.

Before You Start: Connect a Review Site

Before you can send out a review invite, you first need to connect a review site:

Where To Find Review Invites

There are three ways that you can send a review invite: 

  • Through your inbox: Select Review Invite from the suggested templates above the message text box. You can also click the template icon to browse the gallery of message templates and find Review Invite.Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.00.44_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.02.34_PM.png
  • Through the top menu: Click the blue plus sign in the top right, and then select Review. Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.05.40_PM.png
  • Through the Reviews page: Under Marketing, select Reviews. Then click Send review invite. Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.07.04_PM.png

Sending A Review Invite

  1. Search for existing contacts in Podium in the recipient field, or create a new one by selecting Create New and adding a name, mobile number, or email address.                                                    Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.11.05_PM.png
  2. Verify which business location you want to send this invite from. The invite defaults to your primary location.                                                                     Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.13.39_PM.png
  3. There’s no need to change the Template since it’s already set to “Review Invite.”
  4. When you’re ready, click Send review invite.                                                                                        Screen_Shot_2022-09-07_at_4.14.32_PM.png