Creating Branded Links in your Campaigns

1.  When you're composing a message for your campaign, click on the link icon in the text box.



2.  A window will pop up, and you can copy and paste your link in the text box. You can add your link as is, without any unique branding, and Podium will shorten it automatically in your campaign. If you wish to further customize your link, continue to step 3.



3.  Click the toggle button next to Customize your URL



4.  A short link example will appear in the window, below your pasted link. If this is your first time branding a link, Podium will automatically generate your business name as part of the new branded short link. You can still customize that phrase if you like. The next time you include a link in your campaign, Podium will remember the name you entered during your last session. 



5.  When you’re ready to add your link, click Add link.



6.  After you add your link, you’ll see your actual link in the text box. The branded link will appear in the text preview. To edit or change your link, you can re-open the window by clicking on the link icon or clicking on the link inside the text box.