Contacts Page


The contacts page gives users a single place within Podium to manage, organize, and take action on their contacts. Users can search for specific contacts and engage with them – either by sending them a message, requesting payment – without leaving the page. Users can also edit their contacts’ tags to record additional information about them, and upload new contacts into Podium via CSV files.

The Contacts Page can be accessed by clicking Contacts in the navigation bar. 



Searching contacts

1.  On the Contacts page, use the search bar to locate a specific contact. You can search by name, phone number, or email address. 



2.  When you find the intended contact, you can click anywhere on the row to access their Contact Profile.


Messaging from the Contacts page

1.  Once you’ve found a contact you’d like to message, click the three dots in the far-right column of the contact’s row.


2.  Click Message

3.  Compose your message and hit Send


Requesting payment from the Contacts page

1.  Once you’ve found the contact you’d like to request payment from, click the three dots in the far-right column of the contact’s row.


2.  Click Request Payment

3.  Complete the required steps within the Payments window and click Send.
Note: Learn more about requesting payments through Podium in this Help Center article.



Editing tags from the Contacts page

1.  Once you’ve found the contact whose tags you’d like to edit, click the three dots in the far-right column of the contact’s row. 



2.  Click Edit Tags

3.  A window will pop up with the contact’s existing tags. You can remove existing tags by clicking the X on the tag.3.png


4.  To add new tags, search for the tag in the search bar. If the tag exists, it will display underneath the search bar. If the tag does not yet exist, you can create a new tag by clicking Create New Tag. 4.png


5.  Click Update Tags.

Note: You can edit multiple contacts’ tags at once by clicking the checkbox next to the intended contacts and clicking Edit Tags



Adding contacts

You can add contacts into Podium from the Contacts page, either individually or in bulk via CSV file.

Creating a single contact

1.  To create a single contact, click Create a contact



2.  Enter their name, phone number, and email address, as well as any tags you would like to include in their profile.  Then click Create



Uploading multiple contacts

1.  To upload multiple contacts into Podium, click Upload contacts



2.  Click Choose File  and select the correct file off of your computer.  Confirm it is a CSV and doesn't exceed 5MB or 10,000 rows.  You'll be shown a preview of what the data will look like when uploaded. If there are no errors in the preview, click Next.



3.  Confirm that the columns in the Column Preview align with the information you are uploading (i.e. contact's names are under the "Name" heading, etc.).  If there are any issues, click on the column heading to choose a different heading.  Once all column headings are aligned to the information underneath them, click Next.


4.  You will be given the option to organize your contacts before uploading.  You can assign the uploaded contacts to a particular location, or add tags to all contacts in the CSV file.  Click Review upload.



5.  Confirm there are no issues with your file, then click Upload contacts.



Updating Contacts page role permissions

By default, all users in your Podium account will have access to the contacts page. If you would like to change which roles in your account can access this page:


1.  Click the Settings (gear) icon and select Users



2.  Click More Options (three dots) and select Role permissions9.png


3.  Locate View Contacts page, select which roles will have access Changes will save automatically.


To learn more about Roles and Permissions, see this Help Center article