Mobile Card Reader Firmware Update

On December 28th, 2021, Podium will require all Podium Mobile Card Readers to be updated to the latest firmware (version 7.5.76) in order to continue to take EMV and contactless payments. Please make sure to update your Podium mobile app and Podium Mobile Card Reader before December 28th, 2021.

To make sure your ability to accept payments is not impacted, you will first need to update your Podium mobile app in the Apple App Store.

After your Podium mobile app is updated, follow the instructions below to update your Podium Mobile Card Reader.

How do I update my Podium Mobile Card Reader?

After updating the Podium mobile app in the Apple App Store:

1. Open the Podium mobile app

2. Go to Settings > Card Reader

3. On the Card Reader page, tap Check for Update, a modal will appear while the app checks for the latest update.

1.PNG    2.PNG

4. Once the update is found, click Update. Note: The update will take 8-10 minutes. You will not be able to accept new payments while the update is in progress.

3.PNG    4.PNG

5. While the card reader is updating, make sure your card reader is fully charged and within range of the phone or tablet in order to avoid any errors.



What happens if I don’t update my Podium Mobile Card Reader by December 28th, 2021?

If you don’t complete this update by the suggested date, you will be unable to accept EMV and tap-to-pay payments until the update is completed.

Also, it’s best to complete this update manually, rather than relying on automatic updates.

If you have automatic updates turned on and do not manually update the app before December 28th, 2021, your Podium mobile app will be automatically updated, but your Podium Mobile Card Reader will not. If your app is automatically updated, you will still need to open the updated app and complete the steps listed above to update your card reader. If you don’t, the card reader will update automatically when you begin a transaction. This can take 8-10 minutes. To avoid this delay during a transaction with a customer, we suggest completing all of these updates beforehand.  


How long does the update take to complete?

The update should take 8-10 minutes to complete.


What are some best practices to follow while completing the update?

Make sure your Podium Mobile Card Reader has at least 50% battery and is connected to the Podium mobile app for the duration of the update.