Workflow Automations

Workflows can save you valuable time. Instead of manually sending messages, you can create workflows to send messages when an if-then condition has been met. For example, if a customer opts-in to receive promotional messages, you can send them an automated welcome text. You can also connect to third-party software, like a customer relationship management (CRM) system, or use predefined workflows to trigger messages.

Predefined Workflows

Predefined workflows don’t require any third-party setup. There are several popular workflows to choose from.

  • Contact form welcome: Send a greeting to a customer who fills out your contact form
  • Opt-ins thank you: Send a thank you message after a customer opts in to receive promotional messages
  • Payments reminder: Gently remind a customer to pay an outstanding payment request
  • Payments expiration: Notify a customer when their payment link is about to expire
  • Payments review: Send a review invitation when a customer completes a payment
  • Thank you: Send a thank you message to a customer who has left a positive review

Creating Predefined Workflows

  1. Go to Workflow.
  2. Select a predefined workflow.
  3. Name the workflow.
  4. Choose which business locations will trigger the workflow.
  5. Click the more options menu, then click Edit.
  6. Define the condition that must be met before the workflow is sent.
  7. Use the default message or click the more options menu, then click Edit to use a template.
  8. Select an existing template or click Create Template to create a new one.
  9. Click Activate.