Setting Up a Campaign

This article explains the entire process youll follow to set up and send a campaign. For help on specific aspects of campaigns, like creating a subscriber list, please see the articles highlighted in the instructions.

To set up a campaign:

  1. Click Marketing.
  2. Select Campaigns.Xnip2021-12-08_16-52-43.jpg
  3. Click Create campaign.Xnip2021-12-08_16-53-32.jpg
  4. Enter a unique name for the campaign.Xnip2021-12-08_16-55-01.jpg
  5. Choose the subscribers you want to send the campaign to. (If you need help, see the “Select Subscribers” article.)Xnip2021-12-08_16-55-25.jpg
  6. Enter your campaign message. (If you need help, see the “Writing a Campaign Message” article.)Xnip2021-12-08_16-57-06.jpg
  7. Click Finish later to save the campaign as a draft; to send the campaign immediately, click Send.  (If you need help, see the “Sending a Campaign” article.)Xnip2021-12-08_16-57-33.jpg