Sending a Campaign

A Podium campaign is a marketing promotion sent via text. Campaigns can only be sent to your subscribers. A subscriber is a Podium contact who has already consented to receiving marketing messages from your business. (To view all of your subscribers, you can navigate to Campaigns, and then click “Subscribers” in the left menu. You’ll see your full list of subscribers and through which Podium opt-in method they subscribed.) 


1.  To send out a campaign, first navigate to the Campaigns tab under the Marketing dropdown in the top menu.



2.  Click Create campaign .



3.  Enter a unique name for this campaign in the top text field. This can be done at any time during this creation process.



4.  To select an audience, click Get started in the audience box.


a.  Select from several pre-built segments, or you can filter your own audience by clicking Create audience. You can also upload a list of subscribers for your campaign


5.  Once you’ve selected your audience, you’ll be asked if you’d like to skip over subscribers who are at higher risk of unsubscribing because they either have had an open conversation with your business in the past 24 hours or they’ve received a campaign in the last 5 days. If none of your subscribers meet those criteria, then the numbers in the list will be zero. When you’re ready, click Continue.


6.  Now that you’re back on the review page, when you’re ready, click Get started on your message.


7.  Type your message into the text box. You can follow the quick tips below the text box for inspiration. As you type, a preview of the text will appear to the right.


a.  In your message, you can add links, Offers (if Payments is set up), images, emojis, and personalized content, like subscriber first names. If you add a link, you’ll see a placeholder in the preview – your specific short link will look a little different in your actual text. To learn more about links, read “Creating Branded Links in Your Campaigns.


b.  If you’re unsure what to say, you can click start with a template to select from dozens of customizable, pre-written messages. 


8.  Once you’re done writing your message, click Review to return to the review page.


9.  From the review page, you’ll see all the details of your campaign before you send it. If you have any errors or missing information, they will also appear on this screen, and you can edit your audience or message to resolve them. If you’re seeing green checkmarks, that means there aren’t any errors, and your campaign is ready to launch!


10.  To test your campaign first, click Send a test message below the message preview.



a.  A window will pop up, and from there, you’ll be able to select team members, including yourself, who have their phone numbers in Podium, or you can type in a new number and send directly to a number outside your organization.


11.  When you’re ready, you can launch your campaign now or later.

a.  To launch it now, click send, and you’ll be asked to confirm you’re ready to send it out.


b.  To launch it later, click Schedule and select a future time and date to send your campaign.


12.  Once your campaign is sent, the results will appear on the report page in real-time.

a.  If you send it now, you’ll be brought to the report page to see the results immediately.

b.  If you schedule it for later, your results will be available after it's sent out.

c.  At any time, you can view results of any campaign by clicking View Report from the "All campaigns" page.