Writing a Campaign Message

If you don’t consider yourself a writer, creating a promotional text message that gets sent to your customers can seem intimidating. After reviewing some best practices and message examples, you’ll be ready to write your own effective campaign message.

Best Practices for Effective Messages

Here are a few quick tips to help you create a personal and professional message.

  • Keep it short. The recommended message length is fewer than 160 characters; that’s not a lot of words so stick to simple messages that include only relevant info.
  • Make it personal. Everyone likes to feel special so write like you’re talking to a friend. Use their name, refer to a previous purchase, send a discount for their birthday; you can even use emoji.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is simply a prompt to tell your subscribers what action you’d like them to take. It can be as simple as a request for them to stop by your business or a link they can use to redeem a discount.  

For many more tips and tricks on crafting an effective message, please read our SMS Marketing 101 guide.

Campaign Message Examples

Here are some examples of effective campaign messages. Notice that they’re short, personal, and include an action that the subscriber can take.

Hi Olivia, it’s been 2 months since your last oil change. Here’s 20% off at Carter’s Auto if you come in before this Friday, June 5th! Hope to see you soon!
GARCIA ACCOUNTING: April 15th is almost here. Join us tonight (Main Street office) to learn how to prepare your own taxes. Show this message for a free ebook.
Hi Sadie! We hope you love your new Pinki sheets. As a thank you, take 40% off your next purchase with coupon code (BDAY40) Text if you have questions!

Adding a Message to a Campaign

You can make your messages more personal by adding “variables,” a label or tag that represents a piece of content like a name. For example, you can begin a message by greeting the individual by their name using the :contact: variable or you can include your company name and location.

  1. Enter your message. You can see a preview of what your subscribers will see next to it.Campaigns_-_Message1.jpg
  2. To add a variable, click the :a: icon and choose a variable from the drop-down list.Campaigns_-_Message_-_Variable.jpg
  3. Continue with the next task, “Sending a Campaign.”