Setting Up Voice

Setting up Missed Call Forwarding

Voice allows you to forward your missed calls to Podium so you can easily keep track of all your customer communications in one spot. You’ll be able to see missed calls, listen to voicemail messages, and respond with text messages. 

Note: Voice is available and automatically enabled for all accounts in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. However, if you have gone through the process of making your landline textable, you will not be able to use these Voice features. To find out if your business is able to use Voice, please contact Product Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat.

It's important to note that you will need to finish the process of setting up missed call forwarding outside of Podium. The process outlined below will help you get started by finding the relevant instructions for your phone provider.

To forward missed calls to Podium:

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and select Communication Services.
  2. Click Voice.
  3. Click Get Instructions
  4. Select your phone provider from the list, then click Next.
    Note: This list is not exhaustive; most phone providers allow missed call forwarding. If you don't see your phone provider listed, try searching your phone provider's name plus “missed call forwarding instructions.“ For example, you might use Google to search “Acme missed call forwarding instructions.”
  5. Click View setup instructions. If you're not ready to set up your connection, click View later. 

Prompting Customers to Text & Voicemail

On the Messaging Services page, you can choose how customers will be prompted to send a text or leave a voicemail.

To choose your voicemail settings:

  1. Click the Voicemail + Prompt to text option or Voicemail only, depending on your preference. 
  2. Select either the default message or custom message. 
  3. If using a custom message, click Choose an audio file. Audio files can be in a WAV or MP3 format, and should generally be less than 10 seconds long. 

    Attention: When creating custom recording for the Voicemail + Prompt to text option, it's important to note that a shorter default message will still ask your customers if they'd rather receive a text than leave a voicemail. This shorter default message will play directly after your custom recording.
  4. Preview your recording by clicking the play icon.
  5. If you've chosen to also include a prompt to text, create a message in the auto-response field. 
  6. Click Save