Survey Templates

Before you can collect surveys for each point on your customer journey, you’ll need to create the surveys. You’ll be able to choose from two pre-made surveys: Customer Experience or NPS® Score. Each of these templates includes an initial message and auto-responses for promoters, passives, and detractors.

For each template, you can customize the initial message text, follow-up text, close text, scale, and scoring method. By default, each template uses the 0⁠–10 scale, but this can be changed after the survey is created.

Customer Experience

For the customer experience template, we don’t discourage you from changing any of the text, the scale, or the scoring method. However, if you have multiple surveys, we do recommend adjusting the initial question text to reflect what part of the process the customer is in. For example, if you have two surveys, one for the quoting phase of your customer journey and another survey for the installation, you’ll want to make the touchpoint obvious in the text. So you might adjust the question to “Hi John! Thanks for choosing H&A. Quick question: on a scale of 0⁠–10, how was the installation experience today? (0=poor, 10=excellent).”


The NPS initial message text is standardized and we don’t recommend changing it. Changing the text can invalidate your ability to compare your NPS to other businesses. We also recommend keeping the scale of the NPS question as is. On the other hand you are free to change the follow-up and close messages to match your business’ tone. Finally, the scoring method is set to average by default, but you can change it to NPS.