Setting Up Automated Responses

If you have access to Pro features, you can set up Webchat to automatically detect and respond to questions about your business hours, locations, and in some cases, scheduling and appointments. 

Attention: If you don’t have access to this feature and you’re interested in using it, please contact your Podium account team to upgrade.

To set up automated responses:

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and select Webchat.
  2. Click the widget you want to change.
  3. Click Automated Answers.
  4. To auto-respond to questions about your business hours, turn on Hours. (If you don’t have business hours set up, this option will not be available. Click Edit business hours to add them.)
  5. To auto-respond to questions about your physical location, turn on Location
  6. To auto-respond to users who want to schedule an appointment, turn on Appointments and add a scheduling link.
  7. Click Save.