Messaging Services Overview

In addition to messaging customers who contact your business using text, email, and Webchat, you also have the ability to connect with your customers directly from common sources like Google search results, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Spotlight Search, and more. By using Podium messaging services to connect to Google and Apple messaging, you can help your customers engage with your business more easily and seamlessly.

These services can be set up and managed using Messaging Services, where you’ll find guided walkthroughs to set up Google’s Business Messaging (GBM), Apple Messages for Business (ABC), and contact form lead connections. Podium also provides additional help with our help articles in case you run into any issues during the setup process.


Google’s Business Messages (GBM)

Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines message sources from Google Maps, Search, and more to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that engage customers and help improve your business’s ability to communicate. Learn more about GBM.


Apple Messages for Business (ABC)

By setting up ABC, Apple users will be able to start messaging your business from Apple Maps, Spotlight Search, and more with rich messaging capabilities. Learn more about ABC.


Secure Messaging

Secure messaging may also be included in Messaging Services, depending on your account settings. Secure messages add a layer of protection to your conversations by verifying the customer is the one sending and receiving the messages. This tool can be useful in healthcare or financial settings where you are sending or receiving sensitive information like social security numbers, ID numbers, etc. To enable secure messages for your account, please contact Product Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat.


Contact Form Leads

Contact form leads let you create a custom email address that your partners and website providers can use as the contact method in contact forms. Then, when customers complete the form, their message and info will be pulled directly into your Podium inbox.