Adding a Third-Party Review Site

When you connect to one of Podium’s trusted third-party review sites, you can include those sites in your review invites, and any reviews submitted on that site will be collected in Podium. You can also add a custom review site, if the review site isn't found in Podium's list of sites.

Before Adding Your Review Site

Before connecting, you’ll need to find the URL for the site’s review page. For some websites, including Angi, Consumer Affairs, HomeAdvisor, Solar Reviews, and Zillow,  you’ll also need to enter the URL for your business or company page. If you have both of those links ready, continue on to connecting your third-party review site.

Finding a Review Page URL

  1. Go to a review website.
  2. Access the page where users can leave a review for your business.
  3. Copy the URL that appears in the browser’s address bar.Connect_Integrated_-_Review_Page_URL.png

Finding a Business Profile URL

If you’re connecting to one of the following sites, you’ll also need to find the business profile URL: Angi, Consumer Affairs, HomeAdvisor, Solar Reviews, and Zillow.

  1. Go to a review website.
  2. If necessary, sign in to your company’s page. 
  3. Access your business profile or company page.
  4. Copy the URL that appears in the browser's address bar.Connect_Integrated_-_Business_Page_URL.png

Adding a Third-Party a Review Site

  1. Go to Reviews in your top menu. 1._select_reviews_in_top_menu.png
  2. Once you’re in Reviews, select Review Settings in the sidebar.2._Select_review_settings.png
  3. Under Getting Started, click Browse other review sites.3._browse_other_review_sites.png
  4. Scroll through the list of available third-party review sites, and select the site you’d like to connect to Podium. Any sites already connected to your account will have a checkmark next to them. If you don’t see the review site you’re looking for, you can still connect it by adding it as a custom site. 4._Scroll_through_sites.png4._part_two.png
  5. Enter the URL for the business or company page under Business Profile URL. (For help, see “Finding a Business Profile URL.”). If it asks you for a review page URL instead, enter that under Review Page URL. (For help, see “Finding a Review Page URL.”) 5._enter_the_url.png
  6. If you’d also like to include this review site in your review invitations that you send through Podium, check the box next to Include this site in review invitations.
  7. When you’re ready to connect, click Connect site.                                                                                 7._click_connect_site.png
  8. Your newly connected site will appear in both the filter menu on the Reviews home screen as well as in the list of connected sites in Review Settings. 8._review_filter_menu.png8._second_image.png
  9. If you have multiple review sites, you can determine the order in which each site is shown to customers by dragging and dropping the list of review sites in Review Settings. 9._dragging_and_dropping.png