Connecting Your Google Business Profile to Podium Reviews

If your business has a Google Business Profile, you can connect it to Podium in order to more efficiently manage reviews that people post to Google. You’ll also be able to include Google in your review invites and respond to Google reviews directly in Podium. Once reviews are collected, you can even track trends and see how reviews are impacting your business in the Reporting dashboards.

Before You Connect Google

Before you can connect to Google Business Profile, make sure you’ve completed these tasks. 

Connecting Your Google Business Profile 

  1. Navigate to your Reviews page under the Marketing dropdown in the top menu. 1._select_reviews_in_top_menu.png
  2. Click Start seeing your Google reviews in Podium on the Reviews home page. If you don’t see this screen, navigate to New Reviews in the left menu, and click Start connecting. You can also go to Review Settings and select Google Business to get started.1._Reviews_Getting_Started_2x.jpg2._Pre_Connect_2x.jpgScreen_Shot_2022-07-21_at_9.58.13_AM.png
  3. Select the location you want to connect your Google reviews to, and then click Continue. If your business has one location or if you already had a location selected in your reviews filter menu (see image reference), then you can skip to step #4. 2._Select_Podium_Location_2x.jpg3._Location_in_Filter_2x.jpg
  4. Select Google from the option list.  If you started setting Google up through Review Settings, skip to step #5. 


  5. You’ll be asked to give permission for Podium to access your Google account. The permission is required, so you can start syncing and responding to your Google reviews through your Podium Reviews page. When you’re ready, click Allow to continue.5._Google_Oauth_2x.jpg
  6. Now that you’ve authenticated Google, select which Google business page you want to connect, then click Continue. If you only have one location, you can skip to step #7. For multiple locations, you can only connect one Google business page at a time.6._Select_Google_Location_2x.jpg
  7. Confirm the connection from your Google business page to your Podium location. When you’re ready, click Connect to confirm. 7._Confirm_Connection_2x.jpg
  8. Congrats, you’re connected to Google! It’ll take some time for your reviews to sync in Podium. Once the sync is complete, you’ll start seeing your Google reviews fill your feed on the New Reviews page.8._Post_Connect_2x.jpg
  9. To manage your connection to Google and the other review sites, go to Review Settings.9._Settings_2x.jpg

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