Customizing Your Invoice

You can customize the invoice your customers will see when you send a payment request. You can include a display name for your business and add your company logo. Logos can make your invoices look more professional (and trustworthy) and help customers immediately identify messages from your business. You can use any .jpg or .png file. 

Attention: Images look best if they’re 100 X 100 pixels or have a 1:1 aspect ratio.

To customize your invoice:

  1. Go to Payments.

  2. Click Payment Settings.Customizing1.png

  3. Click Payments Accounts.Customizing2.png

  4. Click the bank account you’d like to update.Customizing3.png

  5. Enter a display name for your business.Customizing4.png

  6. Add your company’s logo by clicking Replace Logo or drag and drop the image in the image box. (If you don’t have a logo you’d like to use, you can select one of the default images.)Customizing5.png

  7. Use the slider to resize your image; then click Save Logo.Customizing6.png

  8. Use the preview to make sure the invoice looks the way you’d like; then click Save.Customizing7.png