Troubleshooting Unsuccessful Payments

Addressing Failed Auto-Payments

When a customer is using Auto-Pay, a payment may occasionally fail, for example if their card has expired or if their account has insufficient funds. 

When a scheduled payment fails, Podium will automatically resubmit the payment two more times (2 days later and 6 days later). If both retries fail, well send a payment link to the customer so they can manually update their billing information.

If the customer saves a new card, this card will be charged automatically for the remainder of their payments. If they dont save a card, the remainder of their payments will be sent as payment request links.)

Understanding Decline Codes

You can make sure youre being paid in a timely manner by monitoring the Payment Activity report. Each payment in the table will be assigned one of these statuses.

Status Description
Payment request has been sent.
Refund has been issued.
Payment request has been canceled.
The expiration date on the payment request has passed.
Customer attempted to pay their balance but the payment was unsuccessful.
Payment request has been paid or marked as paid.

If a request was unsuccessful, you can see the code that explains why the payment was declined. 

To view the decline code for a payment:

  1. Go to Payments.
  2. Click All Statuses and select Failed.Troubleshooting_Unsuccessful_Payments.png

  3. Click on the payment request.Troubleshooting_Unsuccessful_Payments_2.png
  4. Go to Activity to see why the payment failed.Troubleshooting_Unsuccessful_Payments_3.png

To learn about a specific decline code, refer to Stripe help documentation. Once you understand the issue, you can reach out to the customer. For example, a common issue might be an expired credit card. You can let the customer know that they need to update the saved card theyre using.