Editing the Review Invitation Template

The review invitation template allows your employees to spend less time writing messages and more time with your customers. Whether you’re sending an invitation to one customer or hundreds, you can customize the invitation to make it feel personal, for example by adding variables.

Variables store important information about your business and customers. Instead of entering the name of your business in a review invitation, you can add the organization variable to the message. When the message is sent, the variable will automatically populate the name of your company. For a full list of variables, see “Personalizing a Message with Variables.”

To edit the template:

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and click Templates.editing1.png

  2. Find the default review invitation template. Then click the more options menu, and select Edit Template.editing2.png

  3. Edit the invitation template as necessary. Keep messages to 160 characters or less to avoid delivery issues. 
  4. Click Save.
Attention: If you need to send review invitations in multiple languages, create a new template for each language.