Preparing for Your Brand Experience QA Test

Once your registration has been approved, you’ll receive two emails from Apple. One email will have details about how to prepare for your Brand Experience QA test and the second will be a reminder to connect Apple Messages for Business to Podium.


What is the QA test?
The QA test happens between you and a trained Apple Messages for Business representative to confirm that your agents are providing a world-class experience for customers.

Where will the QA test take place?
In your Podium account, you’ll receive and send messages to an Apple representative who will ask questions from a list of real-world scenarios that you provide.

What questions will be asked during the QA test?
The Apple representative will use the common questions you’ve provided to recreate a real-world scenario. For example, the Apple representative may ask to schedule an appointment.

When should I take the QA test?
Ask to schedule the QA test after you’ve compiled your common questions, connected Messages for Business to Podium, and practiced using the interactive question types in Podium.

What are some best practices to follow during the QA test?
Open each conversation by having the agent introduce themselves by name. Close each conversation by asking the customer if there is anything else you can do to help them.

Steps to Complete Before Your QA Test

Before you schedule a QA Test, follow the steps below:

  • Review the interactive message types that are available in Podium.
  • Review examples of common customer questions by industry.
  • Create your own list of common questions by downloading example files.
  • If necessary, modify questions or add additional questions for your use cases.

Next Step: Connecting Apple Messages for Business to Podium