Apple Business Chat Overview

Apple Business Chat connects customers to businesses through Messages. With Business Chat you’ll streamline scheduling appointments, making purchases, and answering questions. Customers will be able to find your business and start a conversation directly from Apple Maps, Spotlight searches, Chat Suggest, and Podium Webchat.

Businesses that sell firearms, tobacco, and vaping products will not be allowed to use Business Chat. To learn more, review the Business Chat Policies and Best Practices.

Apple Maps

On Apple Maps, a message option will be displayed along with the traditional option to call your business.

Spotlight Search

When iOS users do a Spotlight search, they’ll be given the option to start an Apple Business Chat.

Chat Suggest

When an iOS device user taps on your phone number, they’ll be given the option to start a chat conversation rather than calling you.

Podium Webchat

If your account includes Webchat, you can be contacted using Apple Business Chat directly on your website.

Before you can begin using Business Chat to connect with customers, you’ll need to complete the following seven steps.

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