Using Auto-Pay

When sending a recurring payment request to a customer, theyll be able to opt into Auto-Pay. Auto-Pay lets customers pay once and then save their credit card information so that all future payments can be made automatically.

Attention: If a customer has set up Auto-Pay, theyll receive a reminder text two days before the payment is charged to their card.

Turning on Auto-Pay

  1. Click the recurring payment link.
  2. Click Pay with card.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Click Save this card. (This option is required for Auto-Pay.) 
  5. Turn on Set up Auto-Pay.
  6. Click Enroll in Auto-Pay.
  7. Click Pay.

Switching an Auto-Pay Credit Card

A customer might need to switch the card theyre using for Auto-Pay because the card has expired, they’ve received a new card number, or they’ve closed their credit card account.

Attention: A customer can save up to three credit cards at once. If they already have three saved cards, they’ll need to delete an existing one before they can add a new card.

To switch the Auto-Pay credit card:

  1. Click the recurring payment link.
  2. Click Manage Auto-Pay.
  3. Click Card on File.
  4. Either select a different saved card, or click Add a new card.
  5. Enter the credit card information, and click Save card.
  6. Click Close.

Turning off Auto-Pay

If a customer no longer wants to make payments automatically, they can turn it off.

To turn off Auto-Pay:

  1. Click the recurring payment link.
  2. Click Turn off Auto-Pay.