Setting Up Contact Form Leads

Keeping track of email leads that come from third-party sources can be difficult. You can create a custom email address that your partners and website providers can use as the contact method in contact forms. Then, when customers complete the form, their message and info will be pulled directly into your Podium inbox. 

If you have access to the necessary contact forms and know how to update the email address in your CMS or website building software, you can complete this set up yourself; if not, you can send the information to a web-developer or a third-party site.

To set up contact form leads:

  1. Click the settings (gear) icon and select Messaging Services. contact_form_messaging_services.jpg
  2. Click Set up now. set_up_contact_form_leads.jpg
  3. Select the location you'd like to assign new leads from the drop-down menu; then click Continue to setup.
  4. After youve read the terms and conditions, select the checkbox, and click Accept & Continue.
  5. If you can update the contact form yourself, click DIY Method and follow the on-screen instructions; if you need someone else to update the contact form, click Get Help and follow the on-screen instructions. ContactForms_-_Method.png
  6. Click Next. You’ll see the new custom email address and details about the automation. ContactForms_-_Method_-_Next.png
  7. If you’d like to send an auto-reply message to website visitors who fill out contact forms, click Activate. You can update the default message by clicking Customize Message. ContactForms_-_Activate.png
  8. Click Save. When customers fill out a contact form, their info will be pulled directly into your Podium inbox, where you can use our two-way email to communicate directly with them. ContactForms_-_Save.png