Webchat Overview

With Webchat™ you can interact with your website visitors over text. You’ll be able to improve your website experience by answering questions, scheduling appointments, and selling products all while on the go.


Quick Start Tutorials

In the Setting Up Webchat video, you’ll learn how to set up locations and default messages for the Webchat widget. In the Installing Webchat video, you’ll discover how to install Webchat on common content management systems. And, if you have Webchat Pro, the Customizing Webchat Pro video will show you how to further customize the widget’s appearance and set up additional features like automated answers.

Additional Resources

If you have more questions or want to dive deeper into Webchat, check out these articles:


Where do I find my code snippet?
Go to Webchat in the the settings (gear) page and select the Widget you want to set up. You can either email the code to your website’s admin with instructions on how to install Webchat or scroll down and copy the code snippet.

How do I know which CMS was used to build my website?
Visit https://whatcms.org and enter your URL.

How do I respond to leads that come in from Webchat?
Leads will be routed to your Inbox where you can respond to them just like you would with inbound messages that come in via SMS text, Facebook Messenger, or your Google My Business page.